Massage Oil · Mandarin · Cedarwood · Clary Sage 100mL

Massage Oil · Mandarin · Cedarwood · Clary Sage 100mL


Until recently, it wasn't possible to create a massage oil in a wash off formula naturally.  Traditional massage oils were just oil, making them harder to remove from linen and skin and wash off massage oils contained synthetic solubilisers.

Slowly but surely cosmetic ingredients are becoming available that tick all the right boxes for natural formulation, so we've finally been able to create a massage oil with nourishing oils that wash away to leave the skin feeling soft and supple.

This natural massage oil has been specially formulated for the perfect slip & glide - not too much, not too little.

Essential oils provide a gentle scent that won't overwhelm.

The after-feel is lovely and leaves your skin smooth and soft, and not too oily. 

Formulated to wash off with water.

Now in a glass bottle.

Note: Currently supplied with a screw cap and essential oil type dripper insert, as the supplier has run out of pump lids due to Coronavirus packaging supply issues.